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Friday, August 21, 2009


theres something wrong with the webpage. anyway.
Okay, IOC was a relaspe of my stammering and stuttering self.
So it was 'f-f-f-f-futlity of m-m-m-man, p-p-p-ersona....g-g-g-good f-f-f-f'
yup, well well. so much about being confident.

anyway, other than studying, I can finally begin reading again!
yes yes yes!

its quite a while since I posted much, with all hectic schedules of FOA and IOC.
FOA was brilliant. unexpectedly.

though, I haven't got that feeling that I left Choir, yet.
I wonder if its good or bad.

tired tired. some other time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I should be Studying

well, i assert and confirm that i am unable to work if i don't get at least 6 hours of sleep.

today was a killer.
the halabalu on the stage spoke for itself.
and that drained my day. gosh

anyhow, why did i sleep late then? study? ioc? NO. i was reading national geographic. OH THE VICE. Keep me from going MADDD. haha.

its fairly interesting, and well, its well worth my time.

something i didn't know was that jaguars aren't endangered...yet. Well, i kinda got the notion that all spotted creatures are endangered.

but if that is so, we may be losing a particular female education institution. nothing intended!

and how bluewhales congregate at the Costa Rican Dome, this area where there are many krills.

well, so much for that.

not gonna help me unless i plan to grow up and be Tarzan or something.

'jet jet jet of the jungle dumb as you can be! oh e oh e oh e oh!!!!! watch out for ib!'

ooooh. bad joke

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, that loser

you know how people get so proud when they see their own mark printed as the 'maximum mark' in the level?

well, have you ever wondered about the loser that sees their own mark printed as the 'minimum mark' in the level?

well, meet the loser.


Monday, July 20, 2009

I didn't get 7 for Biology

they always say, the title says it all.
my only 7.
judging by the rest of the subjects,
i am probably gonna get a.. nice pretty letter to PTM.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sad Spec Story

oh yes, i forgot to mention the tragedy amongst the tragedies of Shakespeare.
so before anybody thinks that jet got into the great singapore sale and decide to splurge on the authumn collection, i state this disclaimer.
my spectacles gave way.

oh yes haha, you people (if any) probably are going to say, oh jet you study so much that your spectacles broke. hoho.haha.heehee. well, the physics claims the opposite.
my hypothesis is that always, and ALWAYS after feeling exasperated i would take off my spectacles and exert great force to fling it onto my table and go to bed.

so after a rumble thy belly full of lunch on saturday, plus a dose of uncooperative Hedda, the equation was formed. F = ma where F is the force required to break my spectacles and mass is something which i dont know and acceleration would be a coefficient times 9.8m/s squared.

so well, before i am able to regain clear sight, i have to put up with a pair of lopsided, dorky and inaccurate degree-ed pair of spectacles.

So tell me, what should I speak?

its been somewhat of a fruitful weekend.
well, my plans were elaborate i tell you, and i hoped to do so much of.
well, essentially, it didn't fail, i spent the entire of friday watching King Lear and have to assert that I am not putting myself through that again. Well yes, it is a literature in jewel but jet is far short of reaping thy wisdom from thy play. you get what i mean. and well, one of the greatest takeaways is that the woman acting Goneril, dresses too seductively, and reveals too much of her ______ ( the dirtiest word in cytokinesis minus the 'furrow')

well, apparently and truth to it is that my world lit is trash. well, so saturday was spent re-reading Hedda and Julie and well, that took my entire day. Bible study was the event of the weekend or even the week. It was very much enjoyable and enriching. Not very much I can say, but it would be a pity when everybody starts leaving for everywhere.

well, back on track in studying, i find that i am still very tired. firstly, the last week's night all eneded at 10pm where i just died in bed and did nothing other than Choir.


Monday, July 13, 2009


well, exams are finally gone. i am quite surprised people do follow this pathetic space. haha.
anyway, exams were awful for myself. many careless mistakes, so on and so forth, so i doubt i did do well for the exams this time round.

its pretty bad in a way that it is my last year and i kinda pushed harder for olevels then i did for ib.

anyhow, hair, yes HAIR. well, you know how people develop white hair when they are stressed. Apparently, i don't but i suffer MASSIVE hair loss. my books, my table, the room's floor will carry that thin keratin structure that used to be flourishing in my depleting follicles.

i don't suppose i'm balding. haha, but later on in life, we'll see. hahaha.

i have temporary give rest to salman rushdie's jewel for sir arthur conan doyle's familiar holmes. Yes, I do know I have to go sail down the Missisippi River(did i get that right?), trudge down to Barrytown and enjoy a sensual bath by the river, but Sherlock and Watson got the better of me. As for Midnight's Children, it started getting fuzzy and all, so I gave it a break. Its a literature gem, I can see it as it is, but considering my poor analytical skills, I merely identify it as 'chim' but no way can i understand the 'chimology'

so yes, with term 3's final ia showdowns and ioc plus foa. its going to be hectic.

it comes to a point where you ponder what are you doing all this for right? but like what ambrose reminded me, we do all this so that 10 years down the road, he can drive his ferrari to my mansion. ;) with cherry blossoms and an english-speaking japanese wife.

cheerios readers! if any that is. hahahahaha

Monday, May 11, 2009


there's too much sin in my life.
oh gosh, the temptations.

fight fight fight fight FIGHT YOUUUU!